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Where it all began...

"The Recuerdo Wines label is a tribute to the weeping willow trees on The Vines of Mendoza property, where our ideas propelled us on a journey and partnership with the Napa Valley."

Experience & Remember

The story begins in Mendoza, Argentina, in a rock-strewn vineyard encircled by majestic weeping willow trees. With a perfect view of the Andes Mountains, we frequently gather here to delight in a mid-day or evening asado. After a long meal in the vineyard, accompanied by plenty of wine (and good conversation, of course), we started to discuss a "Northern Hemisphere (38° North) meets Southern Hemisphere (32° South)" winemaking partnership. After a visit to The Vines of Mendoza by Paul Leary, a Private Vineyard Estate Owner (PVE) and principal at Blackbird Vineyards in Napa Valley, Recuerdo Wines was born.

Torrontes, Malbec, Aliado & Gran Corte

Recuerdo Wines offers enthusiasts the opportunity to experience exceptional premium wines that capture the best of Argentina's unique terroir, specifically within the high-altitude Uco Valley. Recuerdo means "memory" or "memento" in Spanish. As such, the Recuerdo winemaking team of Santiago Achával and Pablo Martorell passionately believes that each bottle of Recuerdo should not only represent Argentina's native terroir but also serve as a memory of each and every harvest. Enthusiasts can find Recuerdo Wines at specialty wine shops, enjoy them at modern fine dining establishments, and acquire them online at the Recuerdo Store.